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Welcome to Essex Family Law

When family relationships break down, emotions run high. Friends and other family members often offer advice and it can be hard to decide what to do or how to do it.

At Essex Family Law we understand the difficulties you may face and aim to help you take control.

We appreciate that no two situations are the same and as such cannot be treated in the same way. From the outset we work with a network of professionals, including counsellors, accountants, financial advisors and mediators, to ensure that you are receiving the best advice for you.

Whether you need a single letter or our support throughout the entire process we are here to help you. Our supportive team will work with you to help you regain control of your life, your finances and arrangements for your children in a way that is respectful of you and YOUR circumstances.

Who are Essex Family Law?

Essex Family Law is the vision of solicitor Karen who believes that separation doesn’t have to drain your time, energy or wallet. Karen works with clients to see the benefits of resolving situations respectfully, and where possible, out of court. With her team of specialist professionals Karen can ensure that you are receiving the best possible advice throughout your breakup.

Karen’s tailormade approach to each individual helps to ensure that her clients remain in control of their budgets by using people who are experts in their field.

“I work in a team-based way, with counsellors, accountants, financial advisors and mediators. They do the things they are good at and I deal with the legal side.

Win, win. This saves costs, gives clients the best information from the right people at the right time and reduces opportunities for game playing and miscommunication.”

How Can We Help You ?

Pre-nuptial and Pre-civil partnership agreements

Living together agreements

Separation agreements

Divorces, judicial separations and dissolution of civil partnerships

Disputes about children

Financial agreements

Cohabitation disputes

Disputes about inheritances

We will always work with your best interests at the heart of what we do and in accordance with Resolution’s code of practice (Link through to info in docs section) to try and resolve your situation out of court. As a last resort, we also represent clients at all levels of the court system.
We will ensure that all likely costs are discussed with you at your initial meeting and fixed fees are available for some services.

Helpful Pointers


Things To Do

Separation can be overwhelming and the list of things that need to be addressed can feel insurmountable. The good news is they are not, here are our top five tips for your first steps.

Build Your Support Network

Regardless of the circumstances the breakdown of a relationship is hard, and you are going to need a support network. Carefully consider who these people will be and choose those who are supportive and who you can trust to turn to when you need emotional or practical support.


Make A List

When everything is buzzing around in your head it can be difficult to prioritise what you need to do. Often just writing things down will help you to see things more clearly and help actions seem more manageable.

Look After Yourself

Although it may seem like the last thing on your to do list, looking after yourself and having a way to escape the pressures of separation is very important. Whether it is reading a good book, going for a walk or even taking up a new hobby, something that you can do to take your mind off everything is crucial.

Get A Separate Phone

There can be lots of messages and phone calls during the break down of a relationship and for some people it can be difficult to deal with at the time, especially if you are juggling work and children too. Buy a separate phone and divert the calls that are challenging you to it, that way you can turn it on and deal with any messages when you have time and are emotionally equipped to respond.


Most Importantly - Don't Panic!

It will all be ok! Even when things look at their worst there is help available and you will come out the other side of any breakup and be ok. It will probably be tough for at least some of the process but ensure you have the right support around you and you will get through it.

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